A year ago, we met for drinks at a local irish pub. I accidentally stole his credit card. He stole my heart. Thank… https://t.co/BbKqjj8ZYM
The best boy giving his best pose. Our little Jamo is 6 months already 🐕 #miniaustralianshepherd #aussie #puppy… https://t.co/F8XAqJt3hL
This was just released this morning, and I am already obssessed! @sarramusik kills it everytime! #kerosene https://t.co/cImSeTpm4W
Excited to be singing a set tonight @ Parkside Lounge with a live… https://t.co/1WTIr5LcNe
1.5 Week Old Picture, Day Old Open Mic #43. (43/100) Cheers to some solid people who are always… https://t.co/lJslgo5dgx
Upstate hiking at Mohonk & Minnewaska this past weekend. Looking forward to the next adventure 💕… https://t.co/TkrbinNlTj
The 1st of 2018 (40/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/dCEPNK9nXo
Thank you so much to everyone that came out on a rainy Tuesday night in December, and showed so… https://t.co/yxR3kqd6M4
TONIGHT! After (or before) all your holiday parties, come by The Parkside Lounge on the LES!… https://t.co/36CWeZ7t0L
Mark your calendars! 30-minute set at the Parkside Lounge in NYC on December 5 @ 8:00pm. 🙌🏻 📸:… https://t.co/phOwGF8Pot
So Apple can add 75 new emojis, incl. vampires, elves & mermaids but can’t create a redhead option (you know, for ppl that do exist)?! 🤦🏼‍♀️
Last week last minute (39/100). 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/53cyyBbdai
Had a helluva summer. Now it's back to work. (37/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics… https://t.co/8N3txqbMou
Performing "Black Wings" at the @inspiredwordnyc show. Huge Thank You and shoutout to… https://t.co/UF1W6V5tA0
Thank you so so much to everyone that came out to Monday night's gig, and all the love and… https://t.co/y2LrD5ziD2
TONIGHT! I'll be performing a 30-minute set at The Parkside Lounge (317 E Houston) in NYC | 8pm Sharp! Hope to see your beautiful faces! 🎶
Excited to finally be able to share some new music that I've been working on! Demos of… https://t.co/O0BBVAFfhS
RT @james_clear: 1/ The more I learn about entropy, the more convinced I become that it is a crucial concept to understand for succeeding in daily life.
RT @maxwellproject: The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz - Front and center under new movies on our HBO GO! Congrats @LPZmedia !!!!! https://t.co/ByEbqxpSic
Leg day has me holding up the whole line going down the subway stairs 🙈
By the Shore. (37/100) 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/sukTcITKuc
Sometimes it feels like it takes years to grow, and sometimes it happens overnight 🙋🏼
Adding another sister to the family! Good Job dboisvert 😂#sisters ❤️ #bachelorette… https://t.co/HOjg4r2XW5
#marthasvineyard #oceanviews #gayheadlighthouse #moshup @ Gay Head Lighthouse https://t.co/4P3BevbGuz
At the @ascap expo in L.A. ☀️ and getting all the feels #music #losangeles #create #ascapexpo… https://t.co/oRuBpUA2fj
After much persistence from a certain Mr. Geffner, I've finally agreed to do a feature… https://t.co/TzPxwgLDQ1
RT @edboisvert: @TierneyBoisvert @InspiredWordNYC Tierney rocked it last night. New songs are off the charts.
A huge Thank You to the @inspiredwordnyc for the privilege to perform at the anniversary show… https://t.co/DyzRCtolGz
Geffner's photo animation magic. Back at Hellphone tonight for the anniversary show!… https://t.co/utf4cpEN54
Debuted live two new songs last night - "Uninvited" & "Push Me". Looking forward to performing… https://t.co/LyX7sjSYU2
Post-run brunch with the usual suspects. Also, it was 17 degrees 😳. (3/9) Completed. #running… https://t.co/NEPB8V9cff
Demo recording session with @caricole - so excited for this new music! And incredibly thankful… https://t.co/rJtthN6Njc
Will rally for a Tove Lo concert anytime, anywhere. @taytuckermusic #tovelo #concert #nyc… https://t.co/nwzEAypXcA
Even 3, 000 miles can't keep us apart! Love ❤️ you Larry! Just missing Jerry janessamilacorso… https://t.co/I1jhlWlNFv
...And we keep going (34/100). Thank you kbarb16 for coming out last night! 🤗 📸:… https://t.co/WMSM31XDdO
Honored to sing our National Anthem at #Hamilton Women's Hockey Alumnae weekend marking the 20th… https://t.co/iifzJjop7Y
I don't invite friends to my open mics often, but when I do... Thank you Sofia for hangin' and… https://t.co/T4wh5A22Ni
Singing "Black Wings" at Hellphone (32/100). 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic… https://t.co/yWdDYO7gR9
Why aren't there any redheaded emojis?
Shout out to my Sestrah elvbagwell who is all around awesome. The best present my brother ever… https://t.co/Uqj19Qn65U
Back in action, full speed. It's been a long 5 months but my hearing/ear seems to be 99% back.… https://t.co/UYkJtQO2Hi
"Think you've got me right where you want me, but it's all in your mind... I came to party on my own.."
O'Boisvert Rules! For the win at the last trivia night Margaritas. MVP of useless information… https://t.co/7OA2gncLRI
A little Sunday bourbon tour at the Kings County Distillery in BK. #bourbon #distillery #bk… https://t.co/AMNPQDOwwu
Continuing the #thanksgiving day tradition. #ManchesterRoadRace #Running #TurkeyTrot #RoadRace… https://t.co/SivLnsIwR9
So last night's open mic didn't go so well. I mean, I completely bombed it. To me, it felt like… https://t.co/28fcDWZNn7
Keep fighting the good fight ❤️ #love #london #calloohcallay #poetic #romantic @ Callooh Callay https://t.co/fVJNE4En1u
Sunday Roast in #islington before heading back to the states. Can we adopt this custom in the… https://t.co/0W3HI6uh2P
London took my best friend. Going back. ✈️
Everyone is talking about football while I'm over here just trying to play some puck. #icehockey… https://t.co/fKw3sJ3RzI
I heard about you... (28/100). 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/aUZdZ4mRIL
it's just fuel for the fire baby 🔥
The Adventures of Tall & Small. Full weekend at the #ACL music festival. #Austin #Texas #Music… https://t.co/xZdtIFdP40
A little Saturday night singing at the Tank. Thanks @Fatdocdee for hosting! (27/100) 📸:… https://t.co/crB0xifW5A
From torch song to 🔥 (26/100) 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/laPKfJ4JZS
10 days! Can't wait to hit up the #ACL #Music #Festival in #Austin next weekend with… https://t.co/FnlPtaNScc
She doesn't need any back-up dancers or an extravagant set with dramatic flare. When just voice… https://t.co/yxDkhPxHWO
I'm a quarter of the way there with a quarter of the year left 🙈! It doesn't really matter if I… https://t.co/qpUUXCfkkm
@So_Delicious Thanks, but I'd rather you not add any chemicals to it just to make it white. Just add to your FAQs why it is pink.
@So_Delicious Ah, okay. Thanks!
I just opened a carton of @So_Delicious coconut milk & it has a slight pink color. Seems to taste fine. Anyone know if it's okay to drink?
It's been a tough month. At the beginning of August, I lost hearing in my right ear, the cause… https://t.co/CCut8cOC0u
Got me like I'mma need the whole night and a little more #jidenna
Me, a Microphone & My Mane. (23/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/CBwi044KUK
Lost hearing in my right ear a few weeks ago. Luck is on my side & it's coming back. Giving Thanks 🙏🏻 SSHL is no joke and scary as sh*t.
He got the shot. (22/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/yIg8KZGG90
I just saw #Hamilton and it most definitely lives up to all the hype 🙌🏻
Watching people chase pokemon in the park is hilarious 😂💀
On to the next 80 (21/100). 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/Qrt6bywJEC
Singing "Black Wings." I can't wait to get some of these new songs recorded & produced! (20/100)… https://t.co/cclHcdey2T
RT @MarvMars: If 6 months driving in Manhattan doesn't make you a beast driver then I'm sorry it's you.
Getting back at it after a few weeks on traveling ✈️ and songwriting ✏️. (19/100). 📸:… https://t.co/aNxNgiS9oO
Amazing way to kick off the weekend! #panorama #panoramanyc #music #festival #alabamashakes… https://t.co/wSOYjCXJNX
I run on believing there's no such thing as coincidence.
#Repost obphotographs ・・・ @TierneyBoisvert performed with Lite the Mic before, in the very first… https://t.co/UAge3Rj4dH
For an old city that loves to drink, I still don't understand why everything closes so early #London
This woman (one of my best friend's aunt) drove 2 hours to see me sing - so amazing! And my… https://t.co/2jsNqJaMdq
That's me onstage at Barclay's last week...just kidding! I ain't that tall. But seriously, … https://t.co/pnB0sXJ5Dp
After today, winter is coming.
Carry Me In Your Heart. (17/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/7Aq5hg9EeC
RT @TorreyMercer: Sorry for the quiet. Putting puzzle pieces together this week for the long term. 📝 If life hands you lemons, try, try again.
Ever think it's ridiculous that ur parents can't figure out technology? ...little bro is tryin to teach me snapchat 😳 🙈
Bringin' back the sass 😌 (16/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/ltEjeJY7PC
Crazy last month with a helluvalot of songwriting (co-writing) / vocal lessons / guitar practice… https://t.co/BL6yv11x3m
Happy Thursday Morning! taylortucker25 and I had an amazing time at the #lukasgraham #concert… https://t.co/AHg8gbuPcM
Deacon, I would gladly buy you a beer anytime 😍 #Nashville in concert at The Theatre at #MSG… https://t.co/Zc9TsQsCvc
Literally studying melody. Techniques, structure, rhythm. 📚🎶🤓👂🏻
#Redheads in #SanFran So great to see elgriffith in this beautiful place 🌴☀️ #SF #Friends #Cali… https://t.co/55ZX3DMNQp
From #SoCal to #NoCal #sanfrancisco #sunset #westcoast #beautiful @ Berkeley, California https://t.co/Wc3n5kRh7I
It's bright out here on the West Coast! ❤️ my cousin! #JJP4LIFE #losangeles #cousins #cousinlove… https://t.co/scxPvS9FVG
Livin' that #L.A. Life 🎶 So much amazing talent on this stage! Obviously that's #RobThomas… https://t.co/tnJqRbT7Wi
RT @CariCole: With @robyncagemusic @Farahri @nicolebonsol @TierneyBoisvert @calvincorreli @TorreyMercer @ascapexpo #ASCAPexpo2016 😎
Just me & the spotlight. (14/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/NBzXHqkkia
Awesome shot by lizinista from Friday night's anniversary show! #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/FfPUOGbCRT
#Repost from @inspiredwordnyc #anniversary show last night at #parksidelounge Singing… https://t.co/P3KaFokKq7
Haha, what are these faces I make!? Was definitely singin' the saucy song on this one. (12/100)… https://t.co/vPmFnMZv1a
#litethemic performance at #bushwickpublichouse last friday 📸: taylortucker25 #music… https://t.co/KSWNW4Yovi
Building international relations with Sweden. The Adventures of Tall & Small. Pre-race with… https://t.co/4RcUn7l7vV
Keeping it going... (11/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/58n75QcxxQ
I've reached the 10% mark for my goal (10/100). Definitely gets a little more comfortable each… https://t.co/tGF79TGgn1
And sometimes when I sing, I laugh and hair gets in my face, and I try to blow it away with the… https://t.co/D64RTLmo7w
Happy Birthday 🎉 to one of the most remarkable men I know. One of my oldest and bestest friends.… https://t.co/Qisr3Ht1sQ
Open Mic (8/100). Got some catching up to do this month. 📸: inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics… https://t.co/RjbkfFgeVa
Happy Birthday to my first friend at Credit Suisse many moons ago 🎂 10 years & counting! Adding… https://t.co/oBHL4lo3mZ
It's been a long time comin'...
Happy Friday! ❤️ Rollin' to work with my homie @curtislipdown 🚙 #music #musiclife #indieartist… https://t.co/SikmjOkFVO
Marvin caught the smirk 😉 (7/100) at the Q4 on Wednesday night. 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics… https://t.co/PEWrT1pZzV
A little Monday night open mic (6/100). Only 94 more to go! 📸: inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics… https://t.co/Ygxh2KNz0z
Very disappointed in @theDrybar customer service. I've called them 7 times in the past month and 0 response. Rethinking my hair game.
RT @jannapelle: @tierneyboisvert BWA VER ❤️💗🎹💗❤️ #livemusic #host #openmic #nyc https://t.co/Ib8e7gMKZO
Brought back one of my favorites on Tuesday Night. "Playin' with Fire." (5/100) 📸:… https://t.co/jfaeLAXfV7
Singing "Unbroken" at last night's open mic. (4/100) 📸: inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic… https://t.co/MWNUTGsjZH
Building my team 🔥🔥🔥
Just me and a mic. Owning where you're at and taking steps towards where you want to be. (3/100)… https://t.co/fx0bhZL6Oz
A journey of 1, 000 [100] miles [open mics] begins with a single step [song]. (2/100) 📸:… https://t.co/NDYqpWVg7A
One of my 2016 goals (among many others) is to perform at 100 open mics. 1 down, 99 to go!
A heartfelt "Amen Sister!" to @ladygaga for her remarks on how women in their 30s are treated and what we actually are. #fighter #powerful
Just for the love of it. #music #singing #recording https://t.co/FFoX6689XU
If you want to feel old, just look at your reflection in a subway car window #badlighting
Emanating fire. Photo: inspiredwordnyc #music #openmic #singersongwriter @ Q4 Hotel https://t.co/cpxS0GuXnK
Happy Birthday to my girl @35LeahD 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 xo
Shoutout to everyone who embraces that early morning life #itsstilldark
Telling the truth to the girlfriends #honesty #nopressure #truth #freedom
Owning the mess I made
RT @borbay: About to sign my Indiana Jones painting - recap to come. https://t.co/XTLHayPgfS
Saturday Morning: Coffee & Songwriting 🎶☕️
Nothing like biting it in the subway to top off the night
First sushi restaurant I've been at where they play jazz #harlem #yuzo
To have faith is to believe unconditionally.
RT @ledisi: Photo: To all artists and creative beings.😘 http://t.co/CsjXGduk2g
If you're scared to do it, you know you're growing.
it was the most sincere and unexpected "i love you" & i will remember it for life
Start before you are ready.
If your car has tinted windows and you drive at or below the speed limit, I'm convinced you are a drug dealer
Firstly, @SamSoShiny is one of my favorite artists and her show at #ArlenesGrocery was fantastical.… https://t.co/HmdMoJ11qb
Although I eat a pretty healthy diet, every so often I need to stop into Levain Bakery for one of their delicious cookies! 🍪
Follow Your Own Compass
Am I the only person whose least favorite season is summer?
#Outlander So I was already planning on going to Scotland, but ummm... Now I need to go ASAPly.
All these songs are about you.
About to sing something fierce. #nyc #inspiredwordnyc #music #singing #songwriting #openmic Photo… https://t.co/1nkH0s9lFF
"Fear is the only thing that gets smaller as you run towards it."
You ever think god brought someone into your life just to piss you off, so that it would get your butt in gear?
Mic-Club's last open mic last night 😔. Hoping Sacha @lordlorax brings it back to #NYC at some… https://t.co/Apkixr3riv
Making the impossible schedule possible, one day at a time.
❤️ my side hustle > main hustle
I have a serious weakness for "Strike Back" & Damien Scott
I'm stubborn as hell when something is important to me. #sorrynotsorry
So I gave up alcohol for 30 days. I'm 2 wks in. Actually, it may be longer. No spirits until the later of Aug 31st or a 6-pack of abs. 😳💪🏻
@CariCole My throat has been feeling dry lately, and it's probably from all the selzter. Will stop that immediately. Thanks for the insight!
@CariCole Okay, thanks - That explains a lot!
.@CariCole What are your thoughts on selzter water and the voice? Good/Bad for it?
Your guitar playing is ridiculously amazing @ASillySoliloquy http://t.co/DToPry6XaL
August is going to be a month of #openmics and the likes 🎶
RT @CariCole: Back in June, I shared the worst music advice I was ever given... now here's THE BEST MUSIC ADVICE I WAS EVER GIVEN http://t.co/cTtZP2WVd9
"Some people feel the rain, others just get wet." - Bob Dylan
I really want to see @Imaginedragons in concert. Come to NYC!!!
But how long, babe, can you search for what's not lost? #bobdylan
RT @Fact: Music has been known to build an emotional bond between people, so singing in a group actually brings you closer together
I'm going to need like 14 cups of coffee to get through today
"What Happened, Miss Simone?" 👍👍👍
Just finished "Turning Pro" by @SPressfield and immediately gave the book to @edboisvert to read as well. An absolute must for any artist!
Trying yoga today for the 1st time! 🙆
I'll write a song about this jerk tomorrow #taylorswiftstyle
I could yell it all out on twitter right now but instead I'm going to type in my notes, but just, ugh!!! #tiredofhavingtobethebiggerperson
Ethan's @edboisvert painting from last night. Awesomeness. http://t.co/Svhuf1bf1s
Trying to convince him to do a LIVE painting of ME! 😄 hahaha
My bro @edboisvert will be doing a LIVE painting tonight at The Empire State Music Festival in #BK tonight at #ThePaperBox. Come check it!
When everyone has an opinion for you w/o even asking for your own
If I were still a teenage girl, there would be a picture of Kit Harington on my wall 😍
The beauty of letting go of the idea of "control" and just being in the moment 🙏
RT @SiegeSpitfire: Lampin
Rule #76: No excuses. Play like a champion.
I love them so much. And I am so lucky, thankful and grateful to have found & built this 2nd family. I just needed to say that out loud.
How'd you find me btw?
Sure. I'm always down to hear new music.
Successful songwriting session w/ RC. Looking forward to sharing this one with you all once it's done! #mm
I want to be a contributor, not just a consumer.
RT @Fact: The dinosaur noises in Jurassic Park were made from recordings of tortoises having sex.
Definitely check out the musical "Beautiful" - Thank you #CaroleKing for providing the soundtrack to my childhood
Such a simple video with no gimmicks or glamour yet so emotionally powerful & raw. Well done, @Sia ❤️ http://t.co/GwaQfcCnkb
The best is yet to come.
So wired after the @common show! Great experience. Thoughts running all night, late like.
Tove Lo is a hot mess and I love it.
My rents driveway looks like a volvo dealership 😂
Such an honor to witness the extraordinary talent of Ian Herman & Sean Harkness tonight @SubCulture_NYC These 2 men are incredible musicians
I really wish I had a wingman for tonight
Taptic engine feature: the ability to send your heartbeat to others.
@CarpeDonutNYC Are you going to be at 51st & Park today?
I always ❤️ open mics nights. Getting back into the weekly line-up, even though @MikeGeffner doesn't believe me 😉
If you're in #Hartford tonight, check out @ZeyiSays performing LIVE at J's Crab Shack! #musicinthehartbeat https://t.co/BCzkGpW8Nj
Truely inspired after watching my girl @samleon_music perform last night at The Delancey. Cool energy and beautiful sound. xoxo 🎶
80% of the reason I picked the nail polish color is because it's called "Casino Royale"
@borbay so so true
RT @borbay: An artist must live there. https://t.co/jrZsgJNWbg
Outside my comfort zone
Little bro is raving about the new Kendrick Lamar album. Looks like I need to give it a listen🎶
Always "tippin' on the tightrope" 😉
So thankful for my mom. She keeps me balanced.
Knocked another one out this morning. 7/25...18 more songs to write. #newmusic2015
know how to love like the ocean
Guy in the subway is playing the "Because The Night" electric guitar riff 👍🎶 #springsteen
Stop watching the kettle and water the grass.
About to unleash a huge surprise! 😎
Sometimes it's just you believing in you. #keeppushing #nevergiveup
Thank you Dr. Cournot & Dr. Lee (my dentists) for being such great supporters of my music! Grateful to have Dr.s that care about all of me.
Keep focused on your focus.
RT @CariCole: "Blurred Lines" verdict could have chilling consequences http://t.co/mMQMFMuZ05 via @cbsnews
RT @jamaledwards: Creative freedom is one of the best things. Don't let anyone dictate what you do creatively. Stand out from the crowd.
LESS thinking, reading, talking about it & MORE doing it. Today. Now. A year from now you'll be glad you started today.
And then my trainer says "go to bed red, tomorrow hammies dead."
#stepup 10: "Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right." Henry Ford - And he was right. Believe in yourself. @CariCole
Shoutout to @CURTISLIPDOWN for scoopin' me up this morning & giving me a ride to work 😄 Life changing conversations #crayolabathtubcrayons
#stepup 9: If u miss a day of your rituals, don't count urself out. Nobody is perfect. Start again tomorrow. Get back on the mic. @CariCole
#stepup 8: Take action. Each day do at least one things that advances your music career. Less talking & more doing. @CariCole
#stepup 7: The only way to measure yourself: you vs. yesterday's you. There's no comparison to anyone else. Focus on your growth. @CariCole
"All you need is three chords and the truth." @Kerrileighmusic Yes, indeed!
Love love love #nashville, both the city and the show
Diggin' this Jidenna #classicman single
#stepup 6: The most important appts to keep? The ones w/ yourself. If it's not scheduled, it's not real. Schedule it & keep it! @CariCole
@TheWarmFire Yes, it's amazing how much time you can unintentionally waste on those distractions!
My #stepup 5: Less distractions (tv & social media consumption, a "busy" calendar). Say "No." to things not advancing my music. @CariCole
Loved this TED Talk! Intriguing and inspiring with a bit of humor. "The job of the C is to make the B sad." http://t.co/B8770JHxYD #music
@TheWarmFire So glad it inspired you! And Congrats!
#stepup 4: Stop waiting to be ready because you're never going to feel ready. Just take the leap! #indieartists @CariCole
#stepup 3: Perform at least 1x / week at an open mic to build up stage confidence/performance & workshop new material #stepup @CariCole
#stepup 2: Vocalizing at least 4x / week w/ @CariCole Vocal Warmups. A little bit each day adds up to a lot. #stepuporstepoff
Seeing all the e-mails from my dad's fishing buddies sending him get well wishes is adorable #tightlines
#stepup 1: Continuing w/ the new habit of writing 1 song/week. It's uncovering my true sound & I'm so excited about it! #clarity @CariCole
Such an inspiring & motivating call. Adjusting my mindset for an upward mindshift. Ready to #stepup Thanks @CariCole http://t.co/t7pZG7aqtt
"No half-steppin" - Love this from your e-mail this morning @JWilliamsEsq ! #100% #aechallenge
RT @JWilliamsEsq: If you want to be a #successful #artist, you need to become an #entrepreneur. #ArtistEmpowerment
My goal is to have 5 more new songs by March 31st. That's one song/week. Totally doable, and that's just the start. #2015goals #newmusic
4 new songs in 2 months. Not a bad start to 2015 :)
RT @elise5000: "Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day-in and day-out." Robert Collier
RT @Fact: Work hard in silence, let your success be your noise.
Only that which is absent can be imagined
#strikeback is where it's at
Kind of like when Indiana Jones had to choose the "right" holy grail
They say you are the average if the five people you spend the most time with. Choose wisely.
Looking for an upright piano
I get anxious when I don't #create
Sade's "No Ordinary Love" followed by Earth Wind & Fire's "September" = I may be in love with this place #pierrelito
RT @LifeWryly: By spzn via repostwhiz app: Preparation separates the average from the Elite. What's your motivation?… http://t.co/67EpB3odry
RT @Jason_Flom: Hey you. http://t.co/YE8VzauNI0
Wide awake watching the sunrise
Open mic action from the other night... http://t.co/QwV6u68CYg
Harlem Tavern or Harlem Public?
Sometimes I still think about it all and how electric is used to be
Vampire Diaries features some of the best new music. Annnd, I always catch myself writing new material right after the closing song. 🎶 #TVD
Practicing 15 minutes everyday is better than practicing for 2 hour time-block once a week. #consistency 🎶
I'm all about that basis, about that basis, no kick-out.
A year ago I couldn't tell you a single chord except C Major...I just wrote a whole chord chart for a new song. Anything is always possible.
17 bottles of wine in my apartment, I think I'm about ready for the blizzard
"Long live the Queens."
Putting on tights after leg day. The struggle is real, people.
I just peer pressured myself
It's the echo that counts
RT @Fact: Find three hobbies you love: one to make you money, one to keep you in shape, and one to be creative.
Dear 2015, I think we got off on the wrong foot. Let's start over on Monday. Thanks. xo Tierney
@samleon_music LMAO! I can't wait to open our medical practice to treat smallboobs/fatarms disorder.
Because on any given day, you never know what's going to happen...
@ricardo4star Happy New Year to you too!
@ricardo4star Merry Christmas!
Never been so happy to hear the words "Can you please move your car?"
When I say left, I mean right. And when I say right, I mean left.
They always keep me smiling (or laughing). I'm a lucky girl. ❤️ #family #siblings #brothers http://t.co/hW6IOV5sb7
Finally an article that sums it all up perfectly: http://t.co/WbSwDHw7Z6
RT @MsToNi_B: Love interesting conversations with empowering women. #women #cali #motivation #2015 #aboutlastnight… http://t.co/Gv939xKXbX
Well, this was unexpected :)
Perfection is so... boring.
What a way to be welcomed back lol
Finally, finally... more certain than ever.
RT @Fact: 2% of people on this planet have green eyes.
RT @WomanDoItAll: You are what you do, not what you say you'll do.
RT @Fact: Most of the problems in your life are due to two reasons: you act without thinking, or think without acting.
RT @edboisvert: At David B. Panagore's place getting interviewed. #cptv.com #ethanboisvert.com #brooklynartist… http://t.co/AwgDJ3V5nn
RT @Oprah_World: Love is always a demonstration - not just a set of words or a feeling.
@samleon_music I am! Doesn't mean my brain stops working, ever! Lol 🍹
Reminding myself of something @samleon_music said to me last week
I'm gonna need a bigger suitcase
I just wanna say 💜 my leo sista @samleon_music
.@borbay @springsteen Ahhhh! Keep me updated on this one for sure! I'm a huge fan :)
The goal shouldn't be to "be different." It should be to be yourself, and inherently in that, you are different.
I don't even know how this guy can get me to laugh so hard, everyday #isitnexttoirvingrosenfeld
Feels like my birthday at work today ☺️ Little presents coming from all over! I ❤️ surprises!
I'm not rushing so don't rush me. I'm like fine wine, I take my time...
RT @Fact: Creative individuals tend to experience " Deja Vu " more frequently.
I believe.
Sooooooo hyped right now!!!
Yes Drake, you're right, it is.
T-12 days until the DR ☀️🌊
RT @Fact: In the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take, relationships we were afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long…
Love seeing little kids carrying around instruments being so into music
I swear I'm going to break this stupid window
RT @LifeLimits: Action expresses priorities.
RT @Fact: Women are more attracted to men who pay attention, someone who remembers details about them without having to be reminded.
A still from the "Gossip" video shoot. This was such an incredible day - The energy was amazing!… http://t.co/IBtNYHZ4Wx
but never mention everything I dabble in
Made to Love
RT @Fact: If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, psychologists say it will last a lifetime.
Standing at the corner of 146th & rain
"You must be a doctor." .... yes.
RT @Fact: If the relationship doesn't make you a better person, you're in the wrong one.
staying up until the time you normally wake-up #exhausted
Don't miss @edboisvert art opening tonight 6-8PM at Midoma (545 8th Ave, Ste. 750)! #art #abstractart #painter #artopening #nyc #midoma
These two pictures were sent from opposite coasts, unknowingly of the other. I guess it runs in the family #cousins http://t.co/vRydY1pTYL
Calling All Adult Female Hockey Players in NYC | Central Park Ice Hockey (CPIH @ Lasker Rink | Central… http://t.co/mLRILtUu48
I always notice people's shoes
You're just a chance I take to keep on dreaming, you're just another day that keeps me breathing... #🎶 #kiesza
Art opening for @edboisvert at Midoma in NYC this Thursday, 6-8PM. Would love for you to come through! I'll be there supporting my big bro 😄
Watching Oprah's masterclass on Berry Gordy! Love love love to watch things like this, about music, life experiences, entrepreneurship, etc.
Oh heeeeeey New York, your girl is back 😉
RT @Fact: A true friend who understands your troubles is far more valuable than a hundred friends who only show up for your smiles
RT @Fact: Dancing often increases happiness.
Sometimes I think I must make it all up in my head b/c I can't understand how someone can show such little care to a connection so rare. Smh
RT @Fact: People are generally more honest when physically tired. This is why people confess things during late night conversations.
RT @Fact: 10% of conflicts are due to difference in opinion and 90% are due to wrong tone of voice.
RT @Kerrileighmusic: You make everything what you want it to be
#beetsquad hittin' up the hartbeat in the cut this weekend
I carry them wherever I go. #family #brothers #myheart #skeletonkeys 💜 http://t.co/ceC39ZkgvD
volume on silence turned all the way up
#FleetwoodMac at #MSG! Thanks doveedovee 😊 #imadethecutforthevoice #L.A.Mikeneedsinstagram http://t.co/4IzUABqkdO
Impulsive decisions that turn into the best decisions: Looks like I'm seeing Lykke Li at Radio City tomorrow night!
@35LeahD C'mon, you know...
@35LeahD I like to add a little flare on occasion 😉 Yes - absolutely! ... p.s. Guess what starts October 8th!?
The use of the expression "Hold The Phone" is highly underrated.
@35LeahD I have not seen you in YEARS!
@35LeahD Where are you!?
Longest nickname ever: "T Boone Mobile Pickens Rex"
All I need is one mic
These words, rich as rubies but pouring like cheap wine tonight
Hello sweatpants, tea and netflix! #chillnight
I'm still on the 2nd floor when I get that text "Where are you? We're all done." Damn. #CountryMusicHallofFame http://t.co/EeOdnXtXOg
Just turn it rightside up
so turned off by that
Me and LGA have gotten real tight lately #Jetsetter
Why does everyone sleep on MJ's "Dirty Diana" song!?
Off to Nashville! ✈️
...and we just had a pirate sighting.
RT @marieforleo: These are two things I find beautiful in people. http://t.co/P1dpKPAycM
A lot of thoughts running through my head too early in the morning and on way too little sleep
Accessorizing my purse with a Rolling Stone magazine
RT @borbay: Limitless possibility.
Last songwriting class of the series tonight. Learned a lot of helpful techniques. Ready to buckle down this fall/winter & WRITE (CREATE). 🎶
I have no food in my kitchen [that I want to eat].
so serendipitous
#Hamilton reunited. http://t.co/eW2Gp0QD68
Nothing has killed a man's dream faster than indecisiveness
We'll be, we'll be counting stars...
When you're late because you spent too much time singing in the shower 😶
Mmmmmm macarons
When you tell the universe what you want and she won't give it to you... I guess she knows something that I don't...
put the gun down, put the gun down, or I'mma set fire to the whole damn house
Gorgeous day at Beneduce Vineyards to sing a few songs with Ross Griswold! Might even make an attempt at keyboard...😳
Damn I should have done a before and after pic
Checking out The Sun Parade @RockwoodNYC tonight! 1:00AM show might require a 5-Hour Energy...
Are there open mics in Boca next week?
Gettin' down in Boca Raton all next week
RT @AwkwardSay: Nobody can go back and start a new beginning, but anybody can start today and make a new ending.
@milesrowan Oh! i thought you were going for some historical hockey moment, not U.S. History, haha.
@milesrowan ?
I feel like this is a date I am supposed to remember, September 7, and I have no idea why...
If you don't enjoy The Hobbit or Lord of the Rings, I don't think I can trust your imagination.
RT @Oprah_World: Well behaved women seldom make history.
I can never keep up with twitter
Forgiving others is one of the single greatest things you can do for yourself in this life.
RT @WomenOfHistory: Let it strengthen you. http://t.co/kG78uB25bf
Astor Row Cafe action... #writing
RT @samleon_music: Love hard.
block parties all over Harlem today
...coolin' on the balcony 😎
RT @marieforleo: A great (and challenging) mind training indeed. http://t.co/KojTS5bSy8
RT @Oprah_World: The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem.
RT @ZeyiSays: Dipsy Doodles are underrated son
Traveling has killed my schedule. Taking a break.
In the inverse words of Kanye, you know I can't believe you could just leave it wrong #heartless
In search of macarons...
A long, long time ago, I was once taller than these two studs! xo to my not so little bro @DarenBoisvert and cousin! http://t.co/KM6kiCY8Tf
Don't do it, Kimber!
RT @HuffingtonPost: Bruce Springsteen's "Born to Run" was released on this day in 1975 http://t.co/lkdg0RFliL http://t.co/XmqUYYMAMN
RT @Oprah_World: Don't feel sad over someone who gave up on you, feel sorry for them because they gave up on someone who would have never g…
"When a woman is admired, she becomes dangerous." 😏
...Talkin' "Gossip"...Thanks @InspiredWordNYC #openmic #theinspiredword #music #gossip http://t.co/9pvyzSwImT
RT @JWilliamsEsq: Your success depends a lot on where your head is at. #Empowerisms
I don't know why I keep running into people today that are +6'4" ... Feels like I'm in Super Mario Brothers 3, Level 4 #bigland
It's a 4 cups of coffee kind of day
"Believe people when they show you who they are." #wisewords
So if men get moobs from drinking too much soy milk, am I gonna go up a cup size from all these soy chai lattes!? #16candles #eatyourcarrots
❤️ Open Mic Communities
RT @OrganizeHacks: Microwave peanut butter and pour it over ice cream for the best ice cream you'll ever have.
. @cpramsdell Little do they know, I started the whole trend back in 2003! It finally caught on. #trendsetter #sb http://t.co/cEwx27Oy5G
@CatoTN Haha! I may or may not have contributed to that from time to time #2007
@CatoTN Well... I guess I was way off on that one...😐
@CatoTN The dorm? Or Clarissa's little brother?
I'm not that serious, seriously.
I wonder if he knows that shirt makes him look...
Sunday Afternoon http://t.co/NsabFbbMfO
These new sandals smell like tootsie pops 😶
I can hear the faint sounds of Gloria Estefan's "Conga" on 5th Avenue ... following that beat!
"Your worth isn't attached to the result, it's attached to how you take the journey." - @JWilliamsEsq | Absolutely love this! #motivation
Dear Horoscope, Please Be Right Today. Thanks! Love Tierney
@35LeahD Silly lady, why would you think they'd have this all down to a science by now? They've only had +100 years to perfect it.
Hooked on this "Rather Be" by @cleanbandit 🎶 #onrepeat
"He who does not understand your silence will probably not understand your words." E.H.
RT @HipHopCharlie: I know more than I say. think more than I speak. and notice more than you realize.
Hearts get broken everyday 💔 Time to be a #toughcookie 💪🍪
RT @Epic_Women: Sometimes you have to forget what's gone, appreciate what remains, and look forward to what's coming next.
RT @JoelOsteen: When you come out of the storm, you’re not going to be the same; you’re going to be stronger, wiser, ready for new growth.
If you're walking around with a packed suitcase, how can you have room for something new & amazing when it comes along?
It's the start of an amazing new year, I can feel it! #LeoSeason
@ColinDyerMusic Fire, Aim, Ready! Lol
Go. Set. Ready.
It's a change you can make in an instant, and it in turn changes everything. Be in the present moment. Not the past. Not the future.
My favorite stretch of the loop in #centralpark. Something about it feels like freedom, especially at… http://t.co/KKhcxO0MbP
Reservoir Skyline from Central Park #NYC #Lights http://t.co/QG4EDdte98
Sometimes, I think my wardrobe is the living representation of my brother's @ethanboisvert artwork!… http://t.co/4qla9DDtrB
I had to find peace within myself before I could share me with someone else. #lovewhoyouare
I love the rain, probably because I've always been a hopeless romantic at heart #backinNYC
RT @Oprah_World: Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.
Jet-setting in T-minus 1 hour. ✈️
RT @HipHopCharlie: http://t.co/SlVtUmG99i
Can't wait to make this my new Writing Lounge / Wine Bar as soon as the weather warms up! http://t.co/c48mQ6fQRU
A Cupcake ATM?! That sounds dangerous ... I'm interested to see this. #NYC
@LyonsMusic Ahhh! That's great - Break a leg! I'll be out of town this weekend but look forward to catching the next one! 🎶
@JWilliamsEsq Of Course! You always have great advice and inspirational quotes. I'm happy to spread the good word 😊
RT @JWilliamsEsq: You can’t be half committed and expect full success. #empowerisms
Inspired Word Crew #music #poetry #inspiration #motivation #newfriends http://t.co/FsPI2KXtkt
The only way to sing. #yogitea always has words of wisdom when I need them. http://t.co/mNmYd3L47g
Clap along if you feel like a room w/o a roof! Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth! 👏 @Pharrell got me in high gear today!
@ricardo4star Happy Birthday! 🎉
Ordering tropical drinks so I can pretend I am on vacation somewhere warm ☀️
In the end, all that really matters is the ties that bind. Friends, Family, Lovers.
Everything has more meaning, yet the pettiness is gone. Superfluous relationships gone. Only the tried & true remain & I love them the most.
I've learned and grown so much in the past 7 months. I'm not sure what it is about turning 28, but everything has changed.
Willing spring to come sooner with my Estée Lauder bright pink lipstick 💋
RT @LifeLimits: Positivity is a choice.
RT @LifeLimits: Sometimes you have to get knocked down lower than you've ever been, to stand up taller than you than you ever were.
I'm not sure which is more reliable: Amtrak or a meteorologist? #lateperusual
Don't click on links you don't know!
This is my Valentine's Day present to myself: A new home. http://t.co/04duQiBNxp
Happy Valentine's Day to all the beautiful hearts in the world! 💛❤️💚💜💙
What NYC landlord ever made a person wait 6 weeks to sign a lease!?
RT @JWilliamsEsq: You don't have to succumb to what people say you have to be in order to be a successful artist #artistempowerment
Excited to be at The Bitter End seeing @LyonsMusic and his band, Bonfire Falls, take the stage!
So ready to leave this place like a bad relationship. #packing #stillhave3weeksleft
Ginny's supper club is poppin' right now #danceparty
That moment when you sit down and your dress splits. #bigbuttproblems
RT @Leo_h_t: If a #Leo swallows their pride for you, they love you.
So, I sat down to write a song this evening, and out came a poem. Thinking about sharing it tomorrow evening...
This is truly a cup of tea meant for me! #sing #music #yogitea #newyork http://t.co/YR0aTlHEpb
RT @LyonsMusic: Bonfire Falls live tonite @TammanyHallNY with Stepanie Demarr On The Sun #newmusic #nyc
I'm going to miss this wall! I'll just have to recreate it at the new spot. #art #chalk #music #moving… http://t.co/qfvB1D1tbo
@35LeahD Thanks hun!
@35LeahD 133rd! Should hear by Friday hopefully :)
x Fingers Crossed x on the new apartment!
RT @InspiredWordNYC: Check out "Stuck On Cupid: St. Valentine’s Day Love Notes - A Night of Music & Poetry" http://t.co/GXO16oFzOd via @eve…
This is the start of the 50 song project. One new song a week. Go!
Sometimes you just need a seat at your "hometown" bar to clear your head. #nyc #blondies #snowstorm
Contemplating moving, again. Oh, the joy.
Birds of a feather... http://t.co/1HsWq8dF1K
@ricardo4star Thanks! Wishing you a Happy New Year as well! 🎉
First improvement for 2014: I bought my first pair of real skinny jeans! Goodbye jeggings! (not really, but kind of).
I've reflected a lot on 2013 - What I've changed; How I've Grown; Where I've made space; What I can improve on - Looking forward to 2014! 🎉