OFFICIAL RELEASE: New Single "City of Dreams"

You've heard it live. You've asked for your own copy. And it's finally here! "City of Dreams" now available on CD Baby & iTunes.

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New Single 'City of Dreams' Almost Here!

After months of hard work, the Mp3 release of Tierney’s newest single, “City of Dreams,” is almost here!

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ASCAP Expo 2013

Tierney has been an ASCAP member since 2011 and traveled to Los Angeles for the annual ASCAP Expo this past April.

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Chicago Show Highlights

In late January, Tierney rocked the Chicago music scene with a show at Lilly’s Nightclub, with dedicated friends, family and fans who came out to show their support.

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Show in Chicago!

The Windy City better make way! This January, Tierney is taking her music to the midwest for a one-night only performance at Lilly's Night Club in downtown Chicago.

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Had a helluva summer. Now it's back to work. (37/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics… https://t.co/8N3txqbMou
Performing "Black Wings" at the @inspiredwordnyc show. Huge Thank You and shoutout to… https://t.co/UF1W6V5tA0
Thank you so so much to everyone that came out to Monday night's gig, and all the love and… https://t.co/y2LrD5ziD2
TONIGHT! I'll be performing a 30-minute set at The Parkside Lounge (317 E Houston) in NYC | 8pm Sharp! Hope to see your beautiful faces! 🎶
Excited to finally be able to share some new music that I've been working on! Demos of… https://t.co/O0BBVAFfhS
RT @james_clear: 1/ The more I learn about entropy, the more convinced I become that it is a crucial concept to understand for succeeding in daily life.
RT @maxwellproject: The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz - Front and center under new movies on our HBO GO! Congrats @LPZmedia !!!!! https://t.co/ByEbqxpSic
Leg day has me holding up the whole line going down the subway stairs 🙈
By the Shore. (37/100) 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/sukTcITKuc
Sometimes it feels like it takes years to grow, and sometimes it happens overnight 🙋🏼