OFFICIAL RELEASE: New Single "City of Dreams"

You've heard it live. You've asked for your own copy. And it's finally here! "City of Dreams" now available on CD Baby & iTunes.

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New Single 'City of Dreams' Almost Here!

After months of hard work, the Mp3 release of Tierney’s newest single, “City of Dreams,” is almost here!

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ASCAP Expo 2013

Tierney has been an ASCAP member since 2011 and traveled to Los Angeles for the annual ASCAP Expo this past April.

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Chicago Show Highlights

In late January, Tierney rocked the Chicago music scene with a show at Lilly’s Nightclub, with dedicated friends, family and fans who came out to show their support.

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Show in Chicago!

The Windy City better make way! This January, Tierney is taking her music to the midwest for a one-night only performance at Lilly's Night Club in downtown Chicago.

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Sometimes it feels like it takes years to grow, and sometimes it happens overnight 🙋🏼
Adding another sister to the family! Good Job dboisvert 😂#sisters ❤️ #bachelorette… https://t.co/HOjg4r2XW5
#marthasvineyard #oceanviews #gayheadlighthouse #moshup @ Gay Head Lighthouse https://t.co/4P3BevbGuz
At the @ascap expo in L.A. ☀️ and getting all the feels #music #losangeles #create #ascapexpo… https://t.co/oRuBpUA2fj
After much persistence from a certain Mr. Geffner, I've finally agreed to do a feature… https://t.co/TzPxwgLDQ1
RT @edboisvert: @TierneyBoisvert @InspiredWordNYC Tierney rocked it last night. New songs are off the charts.
A huge Thank You to the @inspiredwordnyc for the privilege to perform at the anniversary show… https://t.co/DyzRCtolGz
Geffner's photo animation magic. Back at Hellphone tonight for the anniversary show!… https://t.co/utf4cpEN54
Debuted live two new songs last night - "Uninvited" & "Push Me". Looking forward to performing… https://t.co/LyX7sjSYU2
Post-run brunch with the usual suspects. Also, it was 17 degrees 😳. (3/9) Completed. #running… https://t.co/NEPB8V9cff