About Tierney Boisvert

With a rich, soulful voice and a magnetic, dynamic gift for performing, Tierney Boisvert emerged on to the New York City music scene in October of 2008.  Drawing primarily on the musical genres of soul, jazz and R&B, her music elicits a powerful depth of emotion and liberates her audience to truly feel.

Music has been an important part of Tierney’s life since her childhood, where she was exposed to a wide array of musical artists and influences – including the sounds of the 50’s and 60’s, as well as artists such as Aretha Franklin, Michael Jackson, and Bruce Springsteen.

Upon moving to New York City in 2007, she began studying under the guidance of Elynn Diamond. Over the past three years, Tierney has continued to develop and blossom as a musician, performer, and budding lyricist. A charismatic performer, she conveys heart-wrenching soulful melodies with an intensity that captivates a room, but can just as easily belt out a joyous ebullient song and have the crowd clapping and dancing along. She has performed at various musical venues in the city, including Don’t Tell Mama and The Duplex, under the musical direction of Paul Greenwood.

Currently working on her debut album, Tierney continues to challenge herself to incorporate different musical styles and write music that moves people and allows her audience to connect to each other and themselves. As Tierney shares her passion-filled vocals and sassy, sultry personality, she gives us the opportunity to revel in a world where we let ourselves truly experience the vibrant feelings that make music so powerful and life worthwhile.