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    OFFICIAL RELEASE: New Single "City of Dreams"

    You've heard it live. You've asked for your own copy. And it's finally here! "City of Dreams" now available on CD Baby & iTunes.

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    New Single 'City of Dreams' Almost Here!

    After months of hard work, the Mp3 release of Tierney’s newest single, “City of Dreams,” is almost here!

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    ASCAP Expo 2013

    Tierney has been an ASCAP member since 2011 and traveled to Los Angeles for the annual ASCAP Expo this past April.

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    Tierney Boisvert Gossip
    RT @Fact: Music has been known to build an emotional bond between people, so singing in a group actually brings you closer together
    I'm going to need like 14 cups of coffee to get through today
    "What Happened, Miss Simone?" 👍👍👍
    Just finished "Turning Pro" by @SPressfield and immediately gave the book to @edboisvert to read as well. An absolute must for any artist!
    Trying yoga today for the 1st time! 🙆
    I'll write a song about this jerk tomorrow #taylorswiftstyle
    I could yell it all out on twitter right now but instead I'm going to type in my notes, but just, ugh!!! #tiredofhavingtobethebiggerperson
    Ethan's @edboisvert painting from last night. Awesomeness. http://t.co/Svhuf1bf1s
    Trying to convince him to do a LIVE painting of ME! 😄 hahaha
    My bro @edboisvert will be doing a LIVE painting tonight at The Empire State Music Festival in #BK tonight at #ThePaperBox. Come check it!
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