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    OFFICIAL RELEASE: New Single "City of Dreams"

    You've heard it live. You've asked for your own copy. And it's finally here! "City of Dreams" now available on CD Baby & iTunes.

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    New Single 'City of Dreams' Almost Here!

    After months of hard work, the Mp3 release of Tierney’s newest single, “City of Dreams,” is almost here!

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    ASCAP Expo 2013

    Tierney has been an ASCAP member since 2011 and traveled to Los Angeles for the annual ASCAP Expo this past April.

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    Tierney Boisvert Gossip
    From torch song to 🔥 (26/100) 📸: starvingmm #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music #inspiredwordnyc… https://t.co/laPKfJ4JZS
    10 days! Can't wait to hit up the #ACL #Music #Festival in #Austin next weekend with… https://t.co/FnlPtaNScc
    She doesn't need any back-up dancers or an extravagant set with dramatic flare. When just voice… https://t.co/yxDkhPxHWO
    I'm a quarter of the way there with a quarter of the year left 🙈! It doesn't really matter if I… https://t.co/qpUUXCfkkm
    @So_Delicious Thanks, but I'd rather you not add any chemicals to it just to make it white. Just add to your FAQs why it is pink.
    @So_Delicious Ah, okay. Thanks!
    I just opened a carton of @So_Delicious coconut milk & it has a slight pink color. Seems to taste fine. Anyone know if it's okay to drink?
    It's been a tough month. At the beginning of August, I lost hearing in my right ear, the cause… https://t.co/CCut8cOC0u
    Got me like I'mma need the whole night and a little more #jidenna
    Me, a Microphone & My Mane. (23/100) 📸: @inspiredwordnyc #100NYCopenmics #openmic #music… https://t.co/CBwi044KUK
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