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    OFFICIAL RELEASE: New Single "City of Dreams"

    You've heard it live. You've asked for your own copy. And it's finally here! "City of Dreams" now available on CD Baby & iTunes.

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    New Single 'City of Dreams' Almost Here!

    After months of hard work, the Mp3 release of Tierney’s newest single, “City of Dreams,” is almost here!

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    ASCAP Expo 2013

    Tierney has been an ASCAP member since 2011 and traveled to Los Angeles for the annual ASCAP Expo this past April.

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    Tierney Boisvert Gossip
    Shout out to my Sestrah elvbagwell who is all around awesome. The best present my brother ever… https://t.co/Uqj19Qn65U
    Back in action, full speed. It's been a long 5 months but my hearing/ear seems to be 99% back.… https://t.co/UYkJtQO2Hi
    "Think you've got me right where you want me, but it's all in your mind... I came to party on my own.."
    O'Boisvert Rules! For the win at the last trivia night Margaritas. MVP of useless information… https://t.co/7OA2gncLRI
    A little Sunday bourbon tour at the Kings County Distillery in BK. #bourbon #distillery #bk… https://t.co/AMNPQDOwwu
    Continuing the #thanksgiving day tradition. #ManchesterRoadRace #Running #TurkeyTrot #RoadRace… https://t.co/SivLnsIwR9
    So last night's open mic didn't go so well. I mean, I completely bombed it. To me, it felt like… https://t.co/28fcDWZNn7
    Keep fighting the good fight ❤️ #love #london #calloohcallay #poetic #romantic @ Callooh Callay https://t.co/fVJNE4En1u
    Sunday Roast in #islington before heading back to the states. Can we adopt this custom in the… https://t.co/0W3HI6uh2P
    London took my best friend. Going back. ✈️
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